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  Spoga & Gafa 2016
  Colonge Hardware Fair 2016
  Rope Material & Construction

1. Tag 2. Hank 3. Tube 4. Coil
5. Ball 6. Paper Reel 7. Wood Reel 8. Plastic Reel
9. Storage Rack 10. Clamshell 11. Velcro 12. Polybag W/Label
13. Polybag W/Header 14. Rope Rack 15. Bulk Rope Dispenser 16. Display Box
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 Paracord Bracelet

 Paracord,also know as parachute cord and  550 cord,is an extremely useful survival  tool.Paracord is essentially nylon rope that  has been interwined to make it  stronger.Standard 550 cord contains seven  strands of nylon cord within it, and has a  minimum breaking strenth of 550 pounds.

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